Award winning restaurant & caterers

We pride ourselves in offering a premium vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine
Refining the art of Indian cuisine,
one tiffin at a time.
शेफ स्वाद

In the beginning..

With 20+ years of experience with the world’s elite, we’ve now decided to create our own.

Our story
शेफ स्वाद

Authentic flavour

Specialising in Punjabi, Gujarati, Jains, English, Indo Chinese, South Indian, pure vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Our Menu
शेफ स्वाद

Chef's Flavour wherever you are

We aim to bring people together over great food, creating a unique atmosphere.

Catering services
शेफ स्वाद

Leicester based

Successfully run by passionate chefs with packed with sizzle and flavour.

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17:00 – 22:30

Friday – Saturday:

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